Common Mattress Questions and Answers

Mattress store near meWhat is the difference between mattress stores near me and the chain stores?

A lot of chain stores cannot compete with our prices because they spend much more on aggressive sales tactics. Most of the time you don’t get the same personal experience and dedicated customer service you get from a family owned company like Greenville Mattress. Connections to our customers are what make our work worthwhile.

What is the best mattress for me?

Depending on your preference, there are several types of mattresses you may want to try. A pillow top mattress provides an extremely plush, soft cushion that can be a preference, while ultra firm may be favorable. The best way to know what you prefer is to try them out. Visit the Greenville Mattress showroom and try our variety of mattress sets.

What are the sizes of a mattress?

A mattress comes in several standard sizes:

  • A standard twin size mattress is 38″ wide by 75″ long.
  • A standard full size mattress is 54″ wide by 74″ long.
  • A standard queen size mattress is 60″ wide by 80″ long.
  • A standard king size mattress is 76″ wide by 80″ long.

Greenville mattress can also custom order a mattress in custom sizes! Call us to find out more.