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Before you buy, have you thought of the best mattress for you? Consider several options:

Pillow Top

The softest option, a pillow top mattress contours to your body. Where a plush mattress has a top layer of additional padding, the pillow top takes this a step further with an additional section of soft material. It is typically recommended for those who sleep on their sides, as it allows the spine to rest level.

    Harlow Pillow Top

    Hudson Pillow Top

    Shelton Pillow Top

    Wellington Pillow Top


Somewhere in the middle of softness and firmness, the plush mattress provides less padding than a pillow top, giving  it a firmer feeling below the plush top.

    Sealy Overlook Circle Plush

    Harlow Plush

    Hudson Plush

    Shelton Plush


A firm mattress provides the maximum support and firmness. It is typically recommended for those who sleep on their backs

    Sealy Overlook Circle Firm

    Hudson Firm

    Harlow Firm

    Shelton Firm





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